Friday, April 15, 2011


I recently acquired this beautiful lil starbursty goodness via ebay for a whopping 5 bucks with shipping.. I must admit I do have a thing for old starburst clocks and something tells me this won't be the only one I will acquire.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


With school coming to an end next month, been incredibly busy with studying and getting all my ducks in a row for the major life change of becoming a Registered Nurse. Along the way though I do find time to walk the dogs and scout out stores for lovely mid century finds.. seems I find alot of tables that I adore but, just don't seem to have the room for.. Does anyone else reach a point where you love furniture but have acquired almost all that you need to have a complete lil lovely house? I am almost there and not quite sure what it is that I'm looking forward to complete it! Anyways I digress here are some pics of a walk with our doggies through our neighborhood of some houses that I adore and a beautiful old truck in someone's driveway, along with of course some things I found in stores but did not pick up either A) because I have no room for them or B) they are too damned expensive! also a pic of a beautiful ceramic yellow ashtray that I recently acquired and ADORE! Have a lovely weekend my dearies I will return soon.

Isn't it beautiful in all it's yellowyness!

abandoned house in the neighborhood, I adore it.. see the girl looking all confused? I love her!

Isn't this little hobbit house amazing?!?! NO idea what kind of architecture you would call this but, I LOVE IT!

Cool old retro modern house in the neighborhood.. love love love it!

Now these side table are amazing and I would of purchased them had they not been 150 bucks, plus they wanted 215 for that chair,... *drools* aren't they creamy lovely goodness though?

These cute lil stacking tables are 20 bucks but alas nowhere to put them in my house.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Finally got my cable so that I can upload pics from my camera to the computer.. took forever.. but in the meantime here's a few pics of some the recent finds.. the bench I picked up for 25 dollars!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!? 25 BONES! *does a little dance*

The dog food bench is one of two that i picked up a LONG time ago but recently refinished yay for kickass old danish furniture!

Also included, is a Lane table that I picked up that included two side tables all for 30 dollars! refinished with teak oil, and some wax n feed.. turned out beautiful! sorry there's so much crap on it in the pic!