Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, me and the girl went to Iowa to visit the girl's family for thanksgiving.. Was nice to get out of town for a bit.. But, the best part was the BEAUTIFUL house the parents bought up there.. This house is gorgeous although it makes me sad that they have no MCM furniture or decorations for the house.. but what can ya do? Anyways this house was build mid 60's and I have no idea who the architect was.. anyways enjoy some of the beautiful woody loveliness.

This was built into the house.. gorgeous wall clock

love the globe lamp, although the torch thing has to go!

The windows opened via this lever and it locked into place, it was kinda odd the screens were 
inside, the glass outside.. 

below the stairway, a little storage door with beautiful lighting

the office with built in desk and bookshelves

some of the beautiful fixtures in the house

The door knob is AMAZING!

more of the beautiful pendant lighting.