Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So since I commute everywhere by bicycle and walk around often I come across some very beautiful things.. this building is not that far from the house and was once it appears a little apartment building with 4 living spaces in it.. now it is abandoned and boarded up.. very beautiful still though.. I will at some point sneak into it to take more pics but here ya go for now..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thrify + DIY

so the little mid century side table that I got for 5 bucks has been revamped, several times tonight lol here are the incarnations.. I am staying with the bottom pic

In this pic is how I received it, although I added these legs, the original legs were completely trashed.

So here is the first incarnation. Thought I would do something bright and playful and it turned out like something that should be in a kids room.. nixed this scheme.

This is the next incarnation.. looks much better although the white doesn't match the rest of my midcentury stuff which is either very dark or teak colored wood or a nice lime/avocado green...

This is the third and final incarnation.. I believe I will keep it this way.. lol alotta work for a 5 dollar side table but it's worth it!


Went thrift store shopping today, found this little gem! it's a laminate and not full wood, but I am going to paint it and refinish it and place it in the bathroom.. will be nice when done sad it's not full wood but hey take what ya can get for 5 bucks!!! the other pics below this one are things I found but didn't buy because either A)not enough space or b)not enough space lol. Also found a brand new bike rack for the girls car since the old one died in her car wreck.. the bike rack was still even in the box WOOT!

On a side note those are not the legs that came with this table the original ones were destroyed, I scavenged these awhile back and was just holding onto them for the right time..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

simply amazing!

AMAZING turn your bicycle into an E-bike easliy and very pretty. A compact hub installs on the rear wheel turning your already loved commuter into an E-bike although pricey! (600 dollars) it is simply elegant!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, while making a post office run, found this beautiful little number on the side of the curb. YAY FOR AWESOME MID CENTURY FREE FINDS!!!!! have to refinish the wood but it is in immaculate shape!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


SO I'm not really slacking just been incredibly busy with school and work. No real time for DIY anything or anything around the house.. le sigh. anyways have fun out there and i'll try to get something done soon.