Tuesday, January 25, 2011

trudging along..

While I slowly trudge through this semester and ride my bicycle in 10 degree weather, the world seems to be rotating just as slow.. In other news the weather here has been freekish! 10 degrees and icey one day and in the same week 60 degrees and sunny then back to cold again.. makes no sense! Also, been thinking about goin back to the antique store and see if they will take lay-a-way for that couch that I pine over so longingly.. I WANT IT SO BAD!!! I'll let ya know how it turns out my dearies.. in the meantime stay warm as I watch the State of the Union Address tonight.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

BRRRR! Baby it is cold!

0 degrees outside, ice on the roads and a little bit of snow on top.. Today looks like a geektastic Indiana Jones marathon.. minus the newest one, the crystal skull one.. cuz well it sucks! Speaking of Indiana Jones did you notice in "The Temple of Doom" the bar that the movie opens in is called "Club Obi Wan"? HAH AWESOME! ok my dearies it's snuggle time.. o yea and if I don't update as often it's because I'm in the final semester of my Rn program so take care and stay warm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Recent finds some thrifty some not.

So on my thrift store hunts I did find a small MCM kidney table which is the perfect side table for our couch. Also, found some AMAZING art that is now hanging above the fireplace and replaced the atomic bomb prints..Also, had to pick up a new bookshelf to put all my pathology/epidemiology books on since they have been sittin in boxes on the floor for a few months.. too bad the shelf is almost full and will prob need another one sometime soon.. maybe.. though bought the girl a Nook which she loves and would be nice to replace all the fiction books in the house with... At least the books that aren't old or first prints or beautiful hardcovers.. I am such a loser the one thing in my house I have problems parting out or getting rid of are books.. le sigh.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

even more finds

Some more of the days finds... School starts back on tuesday so the days of running around antique and thrift stores are over for a few months.. le sigh.

Some finds

although all were WAY over priced still love them.. esp the couch set with the table.. it was super comfy to boot! Wish I had unlimited money would have the most awesome house ever!

This is the couch that I wanted, saw it earlier (bout a month ago) at an estate sale but was already purchased for 200 bucks, they are selling it for 600... no fair I tell ya!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


gotta love the red aluminum next to the red Fiesta Ware.. speaking of Fiesta ware have you seen all the new colors available and for sale? LOVE THEM!
also next to the aluminum tumblers you can see my rocks glasses, all labeled with different kinds of poison.. how great is that?

Some recent finds, some more of those WONDERFUL aluminum tumblers, almost have enough to completely replace all the glasses.. also found a wonderful aluminum pitcher to go with the aluminum tumblers.. and a AWESOME midcentury teak cheese serving tray with all the implements still in tact! This is excellent because right by my house is an amazing cheese monger.. LOVE IT!

Monday, January 3, 2011

death pie

While I love my job it can be very very very taxing at times.. this weekend I had my hands in 4 deaths at work, all were not preventable and were very very sick people.. but, still death esp alot of it in a short period of time takes it's toll.. I am still sore from compressions.. time to decompress and do a WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING. Some new pics soon of some recent finds..tonight I rest.