Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, the season has come and gone.. and I cannot be more thankful.. I HATE X-MAS! everything closes and makes life kinda inconvienant. But, we did take a trip to Texarkana to visit the girls' family. Which was nice, did some thrift shopping and only picked up 2 old apothecary jars.. she found some super cute skirts though. But we stumbled across a kickass old mid century day bed and I would of bought it but, it was incredibly uncomfortable.. also took a pic of some table legs that I adored. And lastly I built a bathtub caddy for our tub so we can soak and read..

Friday, December 24, 2010

Since I don't celebrate the holidays I often forget about long lines at shopping centers and grocery stores.. I delved deep into the Hellmouth tonight for macncheese and coffee lol yea I know classy right?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Recent finds

So, picked up a day calendar flip thingy.. love it.. also got this spectacular lamp no idea the maker or when or where but it is perfect for the bedside and reading.. love them both!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Estate Sale

Went to an estate sale yesterday and picked up a few items.. the house was BEAUTIFUL!! midcentury front back and all throughout! There was an AMAZING danish couch that was sold before I got there along with an original Leica with the original box and case picked up in germany.. loads of beautiful things but not much that fit with my house that wasn't already sold.. but here are a few pics of what I did pick up..

This is a awesome 70's style perpetual calendar, the little circles are magnets to change the date LOVE IT!

These are 3 glass syringes that I picked up, Since I work in healthcare and am infatuated with the history of medicine I am always on the look out for old medical items.. can you believe they used to reuse syringes? crazy talk! but you could also smoke in hospitals back in the day and gloves were never used either...It's kinda amazing how far medicine has come when you think about it...

As for the last two items the records are amazing, love me some Doris Day and the other record is a USO kind of record, apparently they were a bigger group in WWII love me some vinyl! The glasses though are those amazing aluminum tumblers that everyones grandma used to own... I've recently become enamored with them and snagging them up anytime I can.. the house is slowly but surely turning into a complete mid century house.. can't wait till we move and can actually remodel the house to fit as needed...

Antique store shoppin...

So the hunt for Mid Century Modern is always a blast esp when you find some cool stuff.. one of two things happens when you do find something amazing, either A)it's WAY too expensive or B)It's amazing and you have no place to put it.. like couches and chairs.. how does one decide which one? They are all so beautiful! Anyways here is some of the finds I found.. although I did not pick up anything this day I always take pics when I find something I like for future reference..

Although, I may have to go back for that lamp in the last picture...

Monday, December 6, 2010


So, this is another abandoned building on my commute home, love it completely and it is definitely another building I would love to buy! The lines and odd curves and shape of it all.. love it!