Thursday, February 24, 2011

I promised..

good pictures from a nice digital camera, but I didn't wanna wait.. so here are some crappy Iphone pics of some of my recent finds.. none of them cost me more than 30 dollars.. YAY for being thrifty! Enjoy my dearies! more to come soon I promise!

Recent scores

So recently I picked up a Lane dovetailed mid century coffee table and matching side tables all for 30 dollars!! HELL YEA! *does a lil dance* refinished them via The Brickhouse's tutorial which includes light sanding, oiling down with teak oil, and topping it off with some feedwax.. turned out beautiful.. so nice in fact that I refinished some of my other old finds.. also, today I picked up a beautiful danish bench that rests on the porch for the time being.. and I also have plans to turn the old metal rocker into a slatted wood metal rocker, also picked up some wonderful how-to/diy 50's mcm plan books.. I PROMISE I will take pics once I get the cord that connects my camera to my computer.. as I also recently picked up a new to me digital camera and a nook.. haha so many new finds! pics to come I promise! Take care my dearies!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tons o snow at least for oklahoma city.. weather tomorrow is high of 8 and low of -2 and that's not the windchill.. at least school is closed for a few days.. in my time locked in doors out of the cold I'm cooking up plans to build some furniture from scrap (literally, recycled and found lumber) this summer.. good times.. here's a pic of the front door.. stay warm my dearies!