Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thrify + DIY

so the little mid century side table that I got for 5 bucks has been revamped, several times tonight lol here are the incarnations.. I am staying with the bottom pic

In this pic is how I received it, although I added these legs, the original legs were completely trashed.

So here is the first incarnation. Thought I would do something bright and playful and it turned out like something that should be in a kids room.. nixed this scheme.

This is the next incarnation.. looks much better although the white doesn't match the rest of my midcentury stuff which is either very dark or teak colored wood or a nice lime/avocado green...

This is the third and final incarnation.. I believe I will keep it this way.. lol alotta work for a 5 dollar side table but it's worth it!

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