Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, me and the girl went to Iowa to visit the girl's family for thanksgiving.. Was nice to get out of town for a bit.. But, the best part was the BEAUTIFUL house the parents bought up there.. This house is gorgeous although it makes me sad that they have no MCM furniture or decorations for the house.. but what can ya do? Anyways this house was build mid 60's and I have no idea who the architect was.. anyways enjoy some of the beautiful woody loveliness.

This was built into the house.. gorgeous wall clock

love the globe lamp, although the torch thing has to go!

The windows opened via this lever and it locked into place, it was kinda odd the screens were 
inside, the glass outside.. 

below the stairway, a little storage door with beautiful lighting

the office with built in desk and bookshelves

some of the beautiful fixtures in the house

The door knob is AMAZING!

more of the beautiful pendant lighting.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Expensive Frames?

HA! I think not.. I am a huge fan of finding all my frames in thrift stores for my art.. Don't like the color of the frame? Nothing a can of Krylon can't fix.. Take it apart, paint it, re-assemble it VOILA! beautiful frames for your house.. Also while on the topic, if you need canvases for art and can't afford em cuz they are so damned expensive cheap thrift store art on canvases can also be repainted as well!!

Anyways on to the post.. this is a before and after of a frame I found on the side of the road while walking home from the convenient store. A can of krylon flat black, some much better art and VOILA!

Friday, August 12, 2011


So thought about this post after I already completed the project and forgot to take pics.. Simply put it is a how to on how to change the length of of a metal wristwatch band.

First off avoid buying any tools.. ya don't need em.

Secondly what you do need is a 1) a pair of pliers 2) a hammer 3) a few thumb tacks

Third take the tack place it on the pin on the wristwatch band and place something underneath it.. take your hammer and tap and tap until the pin becomes dislodged.

Fourth take your pliers and pull the pin out..

Fifth repeat the 3rd step on the additional links..

Sixth take the pin you pulled out and place it into the new connections ya want and VOILA' how to change the length on your metal wristwatch band.. it's easy I promise!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

cheese tray

Ok so we have all seen them. The old cheese trays that we oogle a bit handle and end up putting back on the shelf at our local thrift stores.. I love cheese, and I love MCM but sometimes it's a bit too dated for my taste. I.E. those HORRID tiles that are ALWAYS on the beautiful wooden teak trays.. so, I decided to try and experiment. I scored a pretty tray for 10 cents that had a damaged tile. Took it home, removed the old tiles, light sand followed by teak oil followed by feed-n-wax and some new tiles and VOILA! Beautiful cheese tray with tiles that are much more my taste! enjoy and snag up those trays and make them beautiful again!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


So, out and about thrifting today.. way too F-ing hot to do any DIY today.. (102 farenheit) so we bounced around some thrift stores.. scored a beauty of a lil danish MCM side table, a light sand, some teak oil, and a feed-n-wax and it's gorgeous O and did I tell ya? It was TWO dollars!! *does a happy way too hot sweaty dance*. Also found some pretty MCM dressers but I don't do the blonde wood and can't bring myself to sand and restain something that it is already beautiful!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy Iphone pics.. too hot and lazy to look for my camera!

Monday, June 20, 2011


SOON VERY SOON, I will build a diy from upcycled salvaged wood MCM modern bench and other outdoor goodies for the yard WOOT! pics will follow soon I promise..

Monday, June 13, 2011


Scored two MCM telephone tables, that are now sitting on either side of the bed and are BEAUTIFUL! Got em both for 20 dollars for the pair! WOOT also at the thrift store they had a MCM side table, a danish-esque chair in need of some serious repair, and a shell chair,.. sadly *CRIES* I didn't have room for them... but I know some friends are gonna snag em up! Also since I had a day off I installed a clothesline in the backyard so I can put this crazy ass Oklahoma wind to use!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Check this out.. (btw ignore me in the mirror couldn't find a good angle with the iphone) Beautiful glass green tiles, and bentwood chairs.. now can you guess where this might be? it's a place that is freeking everywhere in the world...

GAW!! I love glass tiles...

guessed yet??

It's a fucking McDonald's crazy shit!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Since graduating, I have been in classes even more often it seems, Orientations, ACLS, etc.. anyways here are some of the wonderful things that have either been given to me or I have scoured and found since graduating and being UBER proud of myself..

Search and rescue knife, very nice, also a Rn zippo...
This is called a Gren-Aide watch, it's modelled after watches that Medics used in WWII to cover the watch face so the glare from the watch wouldn't give away the soldiers location.

AND!! this is a BEAUTIFUL vintage RN belt buckle that my lovely girl got me..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

studying for a test while not being in school is a hard thing to do. Nclex is coming up along with my new career as a fully fledged Rn.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nursing School

IS OVER!!!!! say hello to your new graduate cardiac ICU nurse! so since school is over I have tons of free time now.. today equals sweeping and mopping the house, cleaning the garage a bit and some yardwork if the weather permits! no real new MCM finds as of late too damned busy.. but time is now mine.. as of time work has me scheduled for tons of classes, like balloon pumps, ACLS, rotoprone, etc.. loads of fun cardiac ICU stuff... but rest assured my darlings there will be plenty of DIY in the near future!

Friday, April 15, 2011


I recently acquired this beautiful lil starbursty goodness via ebay for a whopping 5 bucks with shipping.. I must admit I do have a thing for old starburst clocks and something tells me this won't be the only one I will acquire.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


With school coming to an end next month, been incredibly busy with studying and getting all my ducks in a row for the major life change of becoming a Registered Nurse. Along the way though I do find time to walk the dogs and scout out stores for lovely mid century finds.. seems I find alot of tables that I adore but, just don't seem to have the room for.. Does anyone else reach a point where you love furniture but have acquired almost all that you need to have a complete lil lovely house? I am almost there and not quite sure what it is that I'm looking forward to complete it! Anyways I digress here are some pics of a walk with our doggies through our neighborhood of some houses that I adore and a beautiful old truck in someone's driveway, along with of course some things I found in stores but did not pick up either A) because I have no room for them or B) they are too damned expensive! also a pic of a beautiful ceramic yellow ashtray that I recently acquired and ADORE! Have a lovely weekend my dearies I will return soon.

Isn't it beautiful in all it's yellowyness!

abandoned house in the neighborhood, I adore it.. see the girl looking all confused? I love her!

Isn't this little hobbit house amazing?!?! NO idea what kind of architecture you would call this but, I LOVE IT!

Cool old retro modern house in the neighborhood.. love love love it!

Now these side table are amazing and I would of purchased them had they not been 150 bucks, plus they wanted 215 for that chair,... *drools* aren't they creamy lovely goodness though?

These cute lil stacking tables are 20 bucks but alas nowhere to put them in my house.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Finally got my cable so that I can upload pics from my camera to the computer.. took forever.. but in the meantime here's a few pics of some the recent finds.. the bench I picked up for 25 dollars!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!? 25 BONES! *does a little dance*

The dog food bench is one of two that i picked up a LONG time ago but recently refinished yay for kickass old danish furniture!

Also included, is a Lane table that I picked up that included two side tables all for 30 dollars! refinished with teak oil, and some wax n feed.. turned out beautiful! sorry there's so much crap on it in the pic!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring break

Since it's spring break and me and the girl had the week off we went thrifting yesterday. I found an old globe in need of some love and some incredible aluminum mixing bowls from the 50's. She on the other hand found a Geordie Laforge mug... spectacular! Today we went to the zoo, our zoo has an INCREDIBLE new asia/elephant exhibit! It's beautiful amazing and very very nice! Came home and made some breakfast casserole which consisted of hasbrowns, veggies, eggs, and mozz all layered and baked in the oven.. WAS DELICIOUS! And of course I am still waiting on the cord to upload pics to the blog which I will do when I get them.. also finished the bench that I salvaged from the curb.. pics will be posted soon I promise my dearies!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I promised..

good pictures from a nice digital camera, but I didn't wanna wait.. so here are some crappy Iphone pics of some of my recent finds.. none of them cost me more than 30 dollars.. YAY for being thrifty! Enjoy my dearies! more to come soon I promise!

Recent scores

So recently I picked up a Lane dovetailed mid century coffee table and matching side tables all for 30 dollars!! HELL YEA! *does a lil dance* refinished them via The Brickhouse's tutorial which includes light sanding, oiling down with teak oil, and topping it off with some feedwax.. turned out beautiful.. so nice in fact that I refinished some of my other old finds.. also, today I picked up a beautiful danish bench that rests on the porch for the time being.. and I also have plans to turn the old metal rocker into a slatted wood metal rocker, also picked up some wonderful how-to/diy 50's mcm plan books.. I PROMISE I will take pics once I get the cord that connects my camera to my computer.. as I also recently picked up a new to me digital camera and a nook.. haha so many new finds! pics to come I promise! Take care my dearies!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tons o snow at least for oklahoma city.. weather tomorrow is high of 8 and low of -2 and that's not the windchill.. at least school is closed for a few days.. in my time locked in doors out of the cold I'm cooking up plans to build some furniture from scrap (literally, recycled and found lumber) this summer.. good times.. here's a pic of the front door.. stay warm my dearies!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

trudging along..

While I slowly trudge through this semester and ride my bicycle in 10 degree weather, the world seems to be rotating just as slow.. In other news the weather here has been freekish! 10 degrees and icey one day and in the same week 60 degrees and sunny then back to cold again.. makes no sense! Also, been thinking about goin back to the antique store and see if they will take lay-a-way for that couch that I pine over so longingly.. I WANT IT SO BAD!!! I'll let ya know how it turns out my dearies.. in the meantime stay warm as I watch the State of the Union Address tonight.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

BRRRR! Baby it is cold!

0 degrees outside, ice on the roads and a little bit of snow on top.. Today looks like a geektastic Indiana Jones marathon.. minus the newest one, the crystal skull one.. cuz well it sucks! Speaking of Indiana Jones did you notice in "The Temple of Doom" the bar that the movie opens in is called "Club Obi Wan"? HAH AWESOME! ok my dearies it's snuggle time.. o yea and if I don't update as often it's because I'm in the final semester of my Rn program so take care and stay warm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Recent finds some thrifty some not.

So on my thrift store hunts I did find a small MCM kidney table which is the perfect side table for our couch. Also, found some AMAZING art that is now hanging above the fireplace and replaced the atomic bomb prints..Also, had to pick up a new bookshelf to put all my pathology/epidemiology books on since they have been sittin in boxes on the floor for a few months.. too bad the shelf is almost full and will prob need another one sometime soon.. maybe.. though bought the girl a Nook which she loves and would be nice to replace all the fiction books in the house with... At least the books that aren't old or first prints or beautiful hardcovers.. I am such a loser the one thing in my house I have problems parting out or getting rid of are books.. le sigh.