Monday, January 17, 2011

Recent finds some thrifty some not.

So on my thrift store hunts I did find a small MCM kidney table which is the perfect side table for our couch. Also, found some AMAZING art that is now hanging above the fireplace and replaced the atomic bomb prints..Also, had to pick up a new bookshelf to put all my pathology/epidemiology books on since they have been sittin in boxes on the floor for a few months.. too bad the shelf is almost full and will prob need another one sometime soon.. maybe.. though bought the girl a Nook which she loves and would be nice to replace all the fiction books in the house with... At least the books that aren't old or first prints or beautiful hardcovers.. I am such a loser the one thing in my house I have problems parting out or getting rid of are books.. le sigh.

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