Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recent scores

So recently I picked up a Lane dovetailed mid century coffee table and matching side tables all for 30 dollars!! HELL YEA! *does a lil dance* refinished them via The Brickhouse's tutorial which includes light sanding, oiling down with teak oil, and topping it off with some feedwax.. turned out beautiful.. so nice in fact that I refinished some of my other old finds.. also, today I picked up a beautiful danish bench that rests on the porch for the time being.. and I also have plans to turn the old metal rocker into a slatted wood metal rocker, also picked up some wonderful how-to/diy 50's mcm plan books.. I PROMISE I will take pics once I get the cord that connects my camera to my computer.. as I also recently picked up a new to me digital camera and a nook.. haha so many new finds! pics to come I promise! Take care my dearies!

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