Monday, January 30, 2012

The art of the accessory

It seems that men have few accessories that aren't incredibly tacky now adays. Although, most men's fashion today seems tacky.. ala bedazzled jeans, sparkly tee shirts and orange tans. Now for some classy and affordable accesories for men. I have recently become fascinated, enamored, and obsessed with old wrist watches... specifically pre 1940's watches. You can goto many sites and find them or you can scour ebay to find them. I have amassed a nice little collection.. and if you find some that are missing straps, well, I have a fix for that too. They are called NATO straps. Little canvas straps that are elegant and affordable and breathe new life into any old watch. Well anyways here are some of my watches I have recently acquired.. 

This is an example of a NATO strap on a 1943 Pobeda saucepan watch. Ah! Just look at it breathe new life into this old classic watch.
Another Nato strap on a 1951 Doxa.. Nato straps come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

This is an example of an older watch that has been refurbished. 

Now you may think that old classic watches are damned expensive.. But in all reality you can acquire a classic watch for as little at 50 dollars which beats buying a new watch with no style or class for a couple hundred. Also you can the wonderful feeling of winding and setting your watch.. Also, you get to hear the wonderful noise of the click click click of the watch as it runs.. Just setting the watch turns into a mediatative act..

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