Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brand Spankin' New

Well here is my first attempt at a real and true blog.
It's like moving into a new house, that requires a lil bit of love.
I am a nursing student currently with one year left till I graduate and
get my Rn. Work in an
ICU so expect some gross stories time to time. Also, I love to
make things and upcycle stuff that is
left curbside, hopefully I'll be able to post
pics before after and etc. Also love to make other things
such as mutant bikes.. and
have a great fascination with Mid Century Modern all things. And enjoy

the outdoors.. blah blah blah feel like I am filling out a dating site or
something here.
lets get something on here to start with..

is an old entertainment center that I found and upcycled into a record cabinet..

Found this
curbside, took a saw to it and cut out middle top shelf section, removed the
doors and
hinges. Sanded just a little bit since it's MDF to get the paint to stay put, removed all the
hardware and started painting

Used a simple latex paint and then began to put it all back together again
and letting it dry

Then added all the record and the record player (which is not a kickass
old one, WHICH I LOVE, but a newer model made to look like the older ones and
still f-in rocks)

And there you have it a very clean very modern looking record
cabinet that costs a total of 8 bucks worth of paint.. On a side note I forgot
to clear coat and the records peeled some of the paint off.. had to take all the records out and clear coat to to fix this problem and attach some legs in the
middle of but still hidden to keep it from sagging.. works perfectly.. loads of
old punk rock and blues to listen to how your sposed to.. on vinyl!

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  1. sorry for the odd breaks and what not in the text, still figuring everything out.. will get cleaner as i go i'm sure.