Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new exteriors

getting a new paint job and all the wood work fixed on the house, its damn loud, and having open windows means flies a plenty... this cannot be done soon enough, plus not really bein able to leave the house due to workers....

In other happy news, the girl gave me her old longboard that she can't use so that means I get to play and hopefully not kill myself.

Also, cleaned out the cupboards, removed the shelf paper, and caulked all the holes and cracks.

And on a final note, the old 50's tv/record/radio stand that I modified is even more improved installed the VCR in it so we can watch all our old VHS.. Yes we still watch VHS what can I say? StarWars on VHS is just great!

Speaking of StarWars me and the girl are gonna try to make it to comic con next year we think. Been looking at stormtrooper and Boba Fett costumes, as well as making a Plague Doctor mask.. pictures will come whenever I do whatever it is I decide to do.

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