Friday, July 16, 2010

Easy Peasy (sp?)

SO, I am on call tonight and figured that I would post a very easy yet very eye pleasing crafty project. First, goto your local thrift stores and buy up some random frames doesn't matter what kind or shape or color. Second, buy some spray paint. Third, find a poster you like a whole lot, but don't really want to frame and put on your wall because after all it is just a poster and not real art.

Take frames and remove glass and paint all the frames the same color. Then take said poster and cut it to fit the frames. then reinstall the glass and poster cut ups to fit the frames, arrange on the wall and VIOLA!! cheapo and modern-y art for the house done on the very very cheap like 10 bucks for paint and frames...

Also, you can see some of my knick-knacks on my mantel, what can I say? My house is kinda like a museum filled with old tribal masks, fossils, art, old medical supplies, and random things.. anyway enjoy the craft!

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