Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New semester means new study area

SO me and the girl both have a new semester coming up... For me it's nursing process III and for her it's the first of her LPN program... goodbye life.. but hello future.

So I decided we both needed study area and the old crappy desk wasn't cutting it.. so out goes the old desk. Enter some power tools and viola a new desk.

First off found these awesome old legs from a trashed out table down the road.. stole the legs threw the beat to hell table away..

Then bought two MDF white shelving from the hardware store was 18inches wide and 100 inches long, cut off 4inches from each side of the shelf,

The four inches were for the inserts between the two shelves to give it some space between the two shelves for keyboards and what nots...

Used some heavy duty decking brackets to attach the desk to the wall, these were pretty cheap like a dollar a pop.

And here it is all put together, there is a slight sag in the middle but that is easily fixable. But, it was so damned hot yesterday that that was good enough.. 104 degrees.. was sweating my butt off out there

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