Monday, July 19, 2010

Life in a rented house

So if your like me you rent, cuz well we can't afford to buy right now, and we're gonna be moving in the next few years and will buy when we move. Also if your like me your kitchen is tiny and was god awful country schemed ugly when you moved in. Well we did what we could since we rent and can't make drastic changes. A coat of paint, changed the hardware which made a HUGE impact. Also we added a pegboard to a wall to hang up pots, some floating shelves for random things, and of course the magnet knife board (WHICH I ADORE!) some erase boards for grocery lists, and a cork board for random things like coupons and what not.. anyway here's some pics to show ya that you too can turn your ugly tiny kitchen into something bearable. ENJOY!

These walls were once covered in an ivy wall paper, like I said god awfuly country ugly.

The hardware was cheap actually, searched hardware stores and that shit is pricey. Found these at Wal-Mart for wicked cheap. The original hardware was gold and UGLY! U. G. L. Y. SHE UGLY!

The girl really likes red so we have a reddish motif kinda in the kitchen.

These pegboards were from the hardware store, had em cut to size and then painted, attached the hooks and what nots then screwed to the wall.

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